CAP Music Recording Agreement

*If you wish to become a CAP Music Recording Artist after reading the agreement, please download the Recording Agreement here, sign, date and return to the address indicated on the agreement. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


CAP Music Recording Agreement

This agreement is made between Carl A. Posch, here-to-fore referred to as CAP Music and yourself, here-to-fore referred to as the Recording Artist.


Participation on CAP Music is full distribution. As the the Recording Artist you will be responsible for all copyright and other legal requirements for your work. The Recording Artist agrees to indemnify CAP Music from any copyright infringement or other legal or monetary issues that may arise from offering your recordings for sale.

The Recording Artist is responsible for setting the asking price of the recording and CAP Music will retain $3.00 of the asking price from each sale generated by any recording posted on CAP Music. A profit is sought only to offset the costs associated with running the store.
All financial transactions will be handled through the secure servers used by the PayPal services. It is not necessary for the Recording Artist to open a PayPal account. However, it will make payment for sales much faster and easier. The recording artist will be notified and paid as each sale occurs and funds are cleared.

CAP Music is a full service distributor. It is the Recording Artist's responsibility to ship a minimum of 5 copies of their CD to CAP Music before they will get a listing on the store. The Recording Artist also agrees to restock CAP Music promptly when requested. Failure to do so will result in removal from the web site and a revocation of the Recording Artist’s privileges in association with CAP Music. When an order is received, CAP Music will contact the Recording Artist via E-mail.

Submission of works

Cap Music will accept recordings only on CD.

All recordings must be recorded and packaged in a professional manner. *Be aware that all pertinent copyright notifications must be visible on the recording.

You must submit a minimum of 5 copies of the recording to CAP Music.

CAP Music reserves the right, after review of a recording, to not include it in the CAP Music catalogue for any reason with no explanation.

This is an unlikely situation, but if this should be the case all materials will be returned to the Recording Artist.

Demographical and Biographical Information

Please provide the following demographical and biographical information.








A brief musical biography of yourself and/or your groupI have read the CAP Music Composers Agreement, agree to all terms stated and wish to become a listed Recording Artist on CAP Music.


*e-mail submissions will not be accepted