CAP Music Group Agreement

*If you wish to become a CAP Music Group after reading the agreement, please download the Group Agreement here, sign, date and return to the address indicated on the agreement. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


CAP Music Group Agreement

This is a free service provided by CAP Music to enable local groups from the Yuma, San Diego, Phoenix area to advertise their availability for hire. Below are the requirements to list yourself on the CAP Music Groups Page.

1. Provide Cap Music with a biographical sketch of your groups and the names of all performers.

2. Provide a photo of your group. (in .jpg format, size: 160X184)

3. Provide short recordings, .mp3 format no larger than 4 MB in size each, of your group performing.

4. Provide contact information including your name, a valid E-Mail address, a physical address and phone number.

CAP Music has the right to not list your group on the site for any reason. If your group will not be listed all materials will be returned to you.

Demographical and Biographical Information

Please provide the following demographical and biographical information.

Name of Group:

Your Name:






Phone: Area Code: Number:

I have read the CAP Music Groupt Agreement, agree to all terms stated and wish to have our group listed on CAP Music.



*e-mail submissions will not be accepted