CAP Music Composer Agreement

*If you wish to become a CAP Music Composer after reading the agreement, please download the Composer Agreement here, sign, date and return to the address indicated on the agreement. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

*Please be aware that CAP Music is only accepting submissions from composers residing in the United States.

CAP Music Composer Agreement

This agreement is made between Carl A. Posch, here-to-fore referred to as CAP Music and yourself, here-to-fore referred to as the Composer/Arranger.


Participation on CAP Music is now full service publishing.  As the the Composer/Arranger you will be responsible for having all copyright and other legal requirements for your work printed on the scores. The Composer/Arranger agrees to indemnify CAP Music from any copyright infringement or other legal or monetary issues that may arise from offering your works for sale.

The Composer/Arranger is responsible for setting the asking price of the work and will receive 50% of the asking price of any work you publish on CAP Music. A profit is sought only to offset the costs of running the store.

All financial transactions will be handled through the secure servers used by the PayPal services. It is not necessary for the Composer/Arranger to open a PayPal account. However, it makes payment for works sold much quicker and easier.

CAP Music is a full service publisher and it is the Composer/Arrangers responsibility to engrave, print and mail 2 copies of a camera ready score and all parts, for all works they wish to have listed, to the address below. Without the camera ready scores and parts, your piece will not be listed. All composers/arrangers with works listed for sale in the CAP Music Online Store will receive notice of sale and payment each time a work has been sold.

Submission of works

As stated above, the composer arranger must send 2 camera ready copies of the score and all parts for each work submitted, complete with all copyright other legal materials plainly posted on all pages. Make sure to include a description of the work!

In addition, if possible, the following items should also be submitted:

1. A copy of the work burned on a CD-R, in a format that can be opened on a Macintosh computer and in one of the following formats:

Sibelius - v1.4 through 4.1 (this is the preferred format)
Finale - v98 through v2000
Finale Allegro

2. An audiorecording of the work in .mp3, .aiff, or .wav format

In the event CAP Music cannot open the CD-R, the Composer/Arranger will be notified by E-mail and a solution will need to be worked out.

CAP Music reserves the right, after review of a work, to not include it in the CAP Music catalogue for any reason with no explanation. This is an unlikely situation, but if this should be the case all materials will be returned to the Composer/Arranger.

Demographical and Biographical Information

Please provide the following demographical and biographical information.








A brief musical biography of yourself

A photo in .jpg format H160 X W184

I have read the CAP Music Composers Agreement, agree to all terms stated and wish to become a listed composer on CAP Music.


*e-mail submissions will not be accepted