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Updated 05/22/12

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This is the third release by local Yuma, AZ group Yuma Jazz Company and we are hoping it won't be their last. View the video on the right for a promo.


What is CAP Music?

CAP Music was originally created as a place where the independent composer/arranger, recording artist, group or performer could display their wares. It is now time for a major overhaul. Please be patient and check back often to see what kind of facelift will be performed on the site.

Sincerely, Carl A. Posch founder.

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YJC Trio

Yuma Jazz Company MP3s now available.

You can now purchase individual MP3s of your favorite Yuma Jazz Company tracks. The CAP Music MP3 store is now open for business. Just click Yuma Jazz Company MP3s to get there and purchase what you would like. You can also buy CDs at Yuma Jazz Company CDs.

***Also available at CD Baby , iTunes and Amazon

"I bought your CD on line and LOVE IT! Now THAT's what jazz is supposed to sound like!" You don't need a piano-the sound is hip, lean and rich at the same time. Each player's personality shines through and there's a genuine feel of love for the ensemble."

John Cain
Jazz Musician and author of "Life's a Good Gig" a Gringo Musicians Journey into world of Latin Music.

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CAP Music affiliated artists and groups

The new Yuma Jazz Company CD, "Street Scene"is now available. Listen to a few tracks and then head on over to the store to purchase MP3s or a physical CD.

Buy it now at the CAP Music Online Store, CD Baby, iTunes, or Our Stage!!

What's next

At present there are only three groups, two freelance musicians and three recording artists represented on CAP Music. Yuma Jazz Company, Yuma Big Band and The Desert Brass are the three groups represented. You can learn more about them and listen to an example of their work by clicking on the "Groups" link above. There is also a contact link for booking and further information on each group.

The two freelance musicians are Stuart Green, classical guitarist and Bryan Stewart, trumpet. You can learn more about them and hear an example of their playing by clicking on the "Musicians" link above.

The recording artists are Janet Hammer, Stuart Green, Vince Pizzolatto and the Yuma Jazz Company. Janet is a wonderfully, versatile vocalist, Stuart is a classical guitarist, Vince is a fantastic percussionist who does things with an electronic drumset you can't believe, and the Yuma Jazz Company is a homegrown jazz quintet. You can hear excerpts from their recordings by going directly to the online store.

It is a goal of CAP Music to increase our affiliation with more and more independent composer/arrangers, recording artists, groups and individual musicians. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting their music out to the public, please don't hesitate to click the "Contact Us" link and tell us about yourself.

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